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What is the profile of the Rotaflow Engineering Manufacturing Partner?

At engineering company with experience and expertise of manufacturing high speed rotational equipment, with global contacts and brand identity in the stated range of markets.

What are the preferred business alliance options?

Depending on the Engineering Manufacturing Partner’s aspirations, options range from an exclusive Global licence agreement encompassing all the market sectors, a licence for a defined selected market and location to a total IP acquisition.

The Engineering Partner?

In the Oil & Gas Sector the preferred partner could be an Engineering Manufacturing Facilitator for Oil Exploration companies with the Sector knowledge, experience and importantly engineering expertise to develop, install and support similar equipment both on-shore and off-shore.

The partner could also be a current manufacturer of alternative separators such as Decanter Centrifuges or Hydrocyclones and the Rotaflow device could be an additional product offering Hydrated Separation with considerable energy saving advantages and reduced manufacturing costs OR a process element of their existing devices that enhances the market offering with energy saving and process efficiencies.

Another development consideration could be a branded manufacturer of process components such as pumps and the Rotaflow device could be an additional element that can offer a composite integrated package.

This could also be an opportunity for a contract engineering manufacturing company to move into a business with a product based, environmentally friendly profile.