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GM Innovations Limited: Hydrorotor

Prior to developing Rotaflow, GM Innovations Limited initially developed a mobile water purification unit Hydrovoyager MKI & MKII using conventional filtration methods and bacteria treatment for contaminated water, especially for the use of Aid Agencies in disaster areas with systems installed in Africa and Spain.

This technology was developed into a process contained in the first GMI patent that uses centrifugal force as the primary elemental source to purify contaminated water.

This process was further developed into particulate separation from contaminated water, using innovations that again are contained in a further three patents.

This GM innovation also now has the opportunity to be developed and focused into ‘HydroRotor’ designed to achieve the removal of heavily loaded organic matter in water and the subsequent purification of water for private water users in Scotland and other global locations on a continuous basis.

This technology development is being driven by changes in the directives and probably subsequent legislation on the provision and use of private water in Scotland and the UK in general.

This process will use centrifugal force to remove the particulates that have a higher specific gravity (SG) or density, with the water then being securely filtered and treated to drinking water standards.

The process will be continuously monitored both on site with specialised transducers and remotely using telemetry, ensuring consistency and quality of operation.

The development of our new innovation is for the provision of safe drinking water on a certified, continuous basis for rural private water users in Scotland with ongoing global development opportunities.

In addition, fast-growing cities globally are facing increasing pressures on their drinking water systems with water purity being essential to a cities infrastructure through a decentralised water treatment system.

HydroRotor is under continual development at WEEE (Scotland) to consistently provide to an Urban & Rural ‘home’, safe drinking water with a targeted water treatment system.