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GM Innovations Limited: Rotaflow®

Barwell plc investments are made into Scottish start-ups and inventions – particularly those that benefit people and the environment.

For some years Barwell have been investing in GM Innovations Limited on a portfolio of water purification devices.

This invention and the portfolio comprises a range of separator devices based on an unique application of centrifugal force.

Rotaflow is protected by several families of patent applications, in the earliest of which patents have either been granted or are nearing grant in a number of key territories.

There are also three International (PCT) patent applications in the pipeline and it is envisaged that these will provide further valuable patent protection in key territories in due course.

GM Innovations have an ongoing policy of protecting improvements in their technology and a number of new patent applications directed to more recent developments are currently in preparation, with the latest prototype partly funded by the Scottish Government through a SMART feasibility award.

Applications are:

  • The separation of water & oil
  • The separation of sand & grit from contaminated water
  • The extraction of heavy and precious metals from contaminated water
  • The separation of sludge & salt from contaminated water
  • The provision of safe drinking water


Rotaflow: Oil & Water Separator

Rotaflow: Sand/Grit & Water Separator

Separation Efficiencies

Initial analysis carried out and verified by independent laboratories shows contaminate reduction to 40 ppm (parts per million) residual oil contaminant in water after processing a 50:50 oil & water mixture and 6 ppm (parts per million) residual sand in water with a sand /grit & water process separation.

It should be noted that these results are from a small prototype and not the final up-scaled industrial commercial offering – independent mathematical calculations show that there will be a significant improvement as to the final separation out come from the full-scale device.

The competitive advantage of this technology, Rotaflow is that it facilitates an in line, continuous process with a small footprint to separate contaminants in the stated range of market sectors, including oil and gas, wastewater treatment and mining.

The Development Outcome Timeline

Rotaflow has been developed and enhanced since the initial ‘proof of concept’ some three years ago to the levels of separation currently achieved, through innovations introduced to meet changing market conditions and process needs.

Click here to view our development outcome timeline document.