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Rotaflow® Centrifugal Contaminant
Separation Technology

Helping industry remove contaminants from water

GM Innovations Limited

GM Innovations Limited located in Glasgow have developed Rotaflow , a range of Hydrated Centrifugal Separators to remove contaminants from water in a wide range of market sectors including Oil & Gas, Wastewater Treatment & Mining.

The Rotaflow Hydrated Centrifugal Contaminant Separator is a ‘new concept’ contaminant separator based on a hydrated centrifugal force process for a range of contaminants including oil, sand/grit and sludge.

Initial analysis carried out and verified by independent laboratories shows contaminate reduction to 40 ppm (parts per million) residual Brent Crude equivalent oil contaminant in water after processing a 50:50 oil & water mixture and 6 ppm (parts per million) residual sand in water with a fine sand / grit & water process separation.

The applications in the oil and gas sector include the treatment of produced water, contaminant removal from fracking process fluids and the retrieval of oil from water in the case of oil spillages.


GM Innovations Limited were successful in receiving a Scottish Government funded SMART feasibility award to design and build a unit to separate oil and water. This unit is directed to the separation of produced water, with a target separation at the next stage with the industrialised unit of <70 ppm oil content in water, which is the market wish.


GM Innovations’ ROTAFLOW® separator is protected by US Patent No. 10,384,215, European Patent No. 3077118 and Russian Patent No. 2668436.

GM Innovations is also the applicant for International (PCT) patent application no. PCT/EP2018/054681.

ROTAFLOW is a registered trademark of GM Innovations Limited (UK registration no. 3235665).


Having secured the Intellectual Property, de-risked the project and achieved proof of concept, GM Innovations are now moving to the stage of seeking interested licensed engineering manufacturing partners with experience in the oil & gas markets and technology and believe that this could be an excellent opportunity for a suitable manufacturing partner to maximise on the considerable market potential.

Importantly, the GM Innovations package aligns with the global awareness of the fragility of the environment and the understanding on the importance of water as a commodity.